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Birthday and Zoo

Yesterday was one of the best days ever for me. For my birthday my friends gave me a digital camera!! I was totally blown away 'cause they are so expensive and it was quite unexpected. Anyway, they insisted that I unpack it in the morning since we were going to the zoo in Leipzig. (The zoo is known for its HUGE, animal friendly enclosures. They are not perfect, naturally, since the animals are still living in captivity, but it's a lot better than most zoos I have seen). The perfect occasion to try out my new camera!
I made lots of lovely pics. If you would like to see, there are some samples below. Click to enlarge.

Of course, we spent a long time at the amur tigers's and the meerkats', my favorite exhibitions there. The tigers are soooo cuddly and pretty. *snuggles* They make you wish you could just bundle them up and take them home with you.

The meerkats are the cutest things ever. One of the males always sits guard on the tip of a large rock while the others bustle and scurry about. And there were little ones! They are only about 5 or 6 weeks old. Adorable!

We spent aprox. 6 hours in the zoo and then went home for dinner. I had a wonderful time and hope to have the opportunity to visit again soon. Perhaps with my mom this fall.

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