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Challenge #200 - '#200'

Title: #200
Author: Dreaming K
Words: 200
Category: Slash, J/B
Rating: I'm not good at this. Heavy PG-13?
Disclaimer: I don't own The Sentinel or any places and characters of the show. Just dreaming :)

This is for sentinel_thurs's 200th challenge. You guys rock!!


The loft still showed remainders of their romantic dinner earlier that evening. Their dinner plates left on the counter, their wine glasses forgotten on the couch table, a trail of clothes leading to the stairs.

Naked, Blair padded down the stairs and to the couch, sitting down in front of his laptop.

He switched it on and immediately opened the often used word file named ‘Reasons for loving Jim by Blair’. Scrolling down to the end of the file he started a new paragraph.

I love Jim because he never forgets an anniversary. I know, men are renowned for forgetting anniversaries, but not my Jim. No matter how insignificant the date seems, Jim remembers it. The first time we met, our first real date, our first kiss, the night we first made love in his bed, in our bed…. He remembers. Every year. And it never fails to make my heart swell with even more love for him.

Closing the laptop, Blair silently made his way up the stairs again and crawled back into bed beside Jim, who wordlessly held up the covers for his lover. Soft, affectionate kisses were exchanged as they snuggled together, celebrating their love.
Tags: sentinel fics

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