dreaming_k (dreaming_k) wrote,

Challenge #196 - Loss

Title: Surprise
Author: Dreaming K
Category: Slash (Jim/Blair)
Rating: PG at best
Disclaimer: I don't own The Sentinel or any of the characters. Just dreaming :)
Summary: Short, sweet drabble?

My first try at a real drabble. My admiration for all authors who manage to give 100 short words actual, deep meaning is boundless.
Be honest, this is senselessly stupid, isn't it?


I didn’t notice Jim striding into Major Crimes on the stroke of five, bee-lining for our desk. He did, however, draw my absolute attention when he leaned over the desk, smiled, cupped my stubbly cheek and caressed my surprised lips with his own in a chaste but loving kiss.

A soft, warm touch.

Whistling cheerfully Jim walked out of the bull pen again, smugness and heartfelt satisfaction radiating from his very being.

I stared after him, my fingers coming up to delicately trace my kiss-blessed lips, at a total loss for words.

Then I grinned and raced after my Jim.
Tags: sentinel fics

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