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Challenge #178 Letter Challenge

Title: The Letter
Author: dreaming k
Category: gen
Warning: none
Word count: 195

This is my first try at sentinel fanfiction though I've been reading it for ages. Just a simple, short story.
I'd be grateful for any comments, critics or even if you could point out any typos to me so that I can correct them.

The Letter

Simon Banks stared at the letter laying open, wrinkles carefully smoothed out, on his desk. He knew that it had been inevitable, had seen it coming for months. And still that knowledge didn't lessen the blow, as it wouldn't lessen it for Major Crimes or the Police Department in general.

A deep sigh as he rubbed his tired eyes. Pictures, memories flashed in front of his closed eyes of dangerous, criminal women; kidnappings, hospitals, deaths....

But there were also good thoughts. Two men standing side by side, grinning at each other; Christmas parties at the station with the whole Major Crimes gang; award for 'Best Partners' seven years running; the laughing and bickering, which never failed to entertain the whole bull pen....

This was no end. It was a beginning.

Simon reached for the phone, dialed and then growled, “Connor, get up here. And bring Brown and Rafe. We're planning a farewell party.”

A quick pause and then there was hooting and laughing at the other end.

“We're on our way, Simon.”

Commissioner Simon Banks glanced at the letter again, and smiled.

Resignation letter

Captain James Joseph Ellison and
Detective Blair Jacob Sandburg

Tags: sentinel fics

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