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Schmoop bingo

I just read a really cute K/S (Star Trek) story that was written for the schmoop_bingo and it's made me curious about that. Because hey, I can do sweet and schmoopy, I think. Lately the motivation to write hasn't been exactly knocking me off my feet, if you know what I mean. I get ideas/dreams for nearly all of my favorite fandoms, but mostly I never get past scribbling down the basic outline of what I want to see in the fic. Makes me kinda sad, actually, but I take comfort in re-reading the plot bunnies later (the stuff I came up with over the years *shakes head*) and knowing I didn't lose them completely.

Aaaanyway, schmoop_bingo.
To give myself a kick in the ass and maybe write more, I got a schmoop bingo card. Here it is:

pregnancy – birth
anniversary – first
kidfic – vacation
holiday – different traditions
holiday – meeting the extended family
summer holiday/festival
movie night
coming home from long trip
sleepy times
kidfic – first injury
baking cookies
cuddling in vehicle
boat ride
massage – foot rub
reading aloud
first date

I have ideas in various fandoms for most of these prompts (yeah, I know that doesn't mean fic will get written, see rant above) so I'm mildly optimistic.
Actually, as you can see I've already done a first prompt, which is bedtime rituals. I'm not completely sure I hit it, the reference might have been too subtle, but it's what appealed to me. *shrugs*
Now for the other 24 prompts...

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