dreaming_k (dreaming_k) wrote,

Criminal Minds: Snippet, Morgan/Reid

Title: Snippet
Author: Dreaming K
Pairing: Morgan/Reid, established relationship
Words: 860
Summary: Derek comes home after a long day. AU-ish

Sorry, I can't seem to come up with a title for this little tidbit. The story is set in an AU set before the series, where Spencer decided to go for another PhD instead of joining the BAU. You don’t really need to know this for the story though.
This is my first fic in this fandom and for this pairing.

My thanks go to annieb1955 and runriggers who beta read this story for me. All remaining mistakes are entirely my fault.

In deference to the late hour Derek tried to be as silent as possible as he let himself into the house. His emergency overnight bag thudded to the floor next to the door; laundry could very well wait until tomorrow. Nearly 38 hours on his feet and he was ready drop where he stood. He let the keys fall onto the table, kicked off his shoes, and dropped his jacket on top of the bag.

Derek moved down the hallway, intent on getting to his haven of soft sheets and sleep-flushed skin. A soft glow from the living room caught his eye and Derek couldn't help but smile. Maybe he had energy for one more thing before bed after all.

The lights were dimmed and the fire in the fireplace dying, giving off just enough light for Spencer to read at the coffee table in front of the couch. Derek shook his head at his lover's position. How the lithe, lanky body could fold down to sit on the floor between the couch and the coffee table with any kind of comfort would remain a mystery to him. Papers and photographs were spread across the table surface and folders of varying size were stacked in towers at the edge.

Spencer's hair was not quite long enough to stay fixed when tucked behind his ears and every few minutes he had to reach up and push it back out of his eyes when he was reading. A gesture that never failed to make Derek smile at his partner. Personally, Derek thought it was these unruly blond locks that had some people guesstimate his lover's age at below twenty - much to Spencer's dismay - but Derek would never tell him that lest Spencer decided to cut it. He loved playing with his lover’s hair too much to chance it.

Spencer was already dressed in sleep wear - soft flannel pants and a baggy t-shirt.

His genius was also wearing his reading glasses. God, he loved Spencer and his glasses. So sexy.

"Are you going to loom in the doorway for the rest of the night?"

Derek grinned at being caught. "Why? Can't I loom in my own house if I want to?"

Spencer gave a soft hum of amusement. "By all means, carry on. I just thought you might prefer to loom while sitting."

Silently Derek walked in and then vaulted over the back of the couch, sliding down all the way until he was sitting with his legs resting on either side of his lover. Leaning over until he shadowed the file in Spencer's lap, he murmured, "Better?"

Spencer leaned back until his head lay in Derek's lap and their eyes could meet. "Perfect."

Derek had to kiss him.

He leaned down just as Spencer strained up and their lips met to caress each other. It was a bit awkward for being upside down, but the unfamiliar angle and the smile he could feel on Spencer just amplified the intimacy. Spencer's mouth held him captive for long minutes until they both had to withdraw to breathe.

"So, why are you still up anyway?" Derek sketched a tired wave at the littered table. "School or consult job?"

"Consultation. Mike Jonas with the Baltimore PD asked me to take a look at several incidents to see if it could be the same perpetrator. Five women were attacked and stabbed to death over a four month period. They're afraid it’s a serial killer." Spencer shrugged. "It isn't. I sent the BPD what I could come up with on each attack. I was just doing some cleaning up and re-checking on some things."

"Mhh," Derek offered sleepily.

“Tough case?”

“Yeah, you could say that.” Derek yawned. “D'you have any classes tomorrow?"

Spencer's brown eyes looked up at him. "No, I don't. What do you say to sleeping in? I assume you have the day off?"

Derek smiled ruefully. "Yeah, as off as it gets with the BAU." Which meant not really, they both knew. If someone called in the team, he'd be up and moving to catch the flight no matter what time it was. Spencer reached up and offered his lips for another a kiss which Derek gladly accepted. When they drew apart Spencer started stacking the papers and putting the photographs back into their files. Derek helped and carried the file stacks to Spencer's desk, leaving them next to similar stacks of handwritten notes, a dissertation draft, and the psychology books his lover kept there.

A warm hand came to rest on his hip in a half-hug. "C'mon, bed." Spencer tugged him towards the stairs. Derek followed.

They went through their nearly silent routine of trading turns in the bathroom, stealing kisses when they passed each other and getting ready for bed.

Spencer was already buried under the covers, eyes closed to sleepy slits when Derek finally joined him. Derek shifted to lie on his side and then pulled the lithe body close until they were spooned together from chest to legs. He murmured a sleepy goodnight and nuzzled the cherished blond locks. With his arms wrapped around his lover it was easy to sink into dreamy oblivion.
Tags: criminal minds, fanfiction, morgan/reid

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