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Nerve-wracking day

Today was a mess. And I've decided that I will never buy (or let someone buy me) a washing machine again. At least not without transport *into* my apartment and assembly as terms of delivery.

Last week my dad surprised me with his decision (well ok, he asked and I said yes) to buy me a washing machine. I don't have one so of course I didn't decline the offer. Everything was ok, until I noticed the terms of delivery stated on the invoice: free on curb.
Great. I live on the fourth floor, alone and my neighbours are elderly ladies. I'm relatively new to town and don't know that many people here who I could ask to help me carry, and none of them are guys. The delivery guy refused to help me carry the thing up to my appartment. Hell, I'm lucky he even carried it into the house and didn't just drop it outside next to the door, on the rain-wet pavement.

And today of all things my boss *didn't* let me take the whole day off, so I had to dash home, sign the delivery, then dash back to work leaving the washing machine standing just inside the doorway where everyone had to pass it on the way up the stairs.

As a result I was totally useless at work for the whole *day* because my brain incessantly went "What if it's no longer there when you get home", "it's just standing there for the taking" and "Fuck what am I gonna do!!??". I'm a worrier, always have been. You don't want to know about all the scenarios my brain presented me with...
It was still there when I got home (THANK GOD!) and every time I went down to check since then.

So now I'm waiting for my parents to arrive and hopefully when they do the machine will still be there and we'll manage to get it up four flights of stairs together without serious injury...and then to plugg everything in and hope like hell it works.

I'm probably overreacting at the whole situation, but I very much wish it was tomorrow already. :(

On a brighter note: aren't these cute? I love dragons.
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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