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My first job

I have good news. As of 1 February this year I'm employed. My first real job. :)

Since finishing my training last summer I've been looking for a job, which proved to be harder than I thought. It was starting to worry me. Now I work for a lawyer firm as a language secretary. I had to move to Frankfurt, unfortunately, but otherwise I am really happy about this development.

My colleagues are all very nice and I think I'm gonna be happy there.

This also means that I won't be able to access the internet as frequently as I did before. For one because the connection is very slow at my friend's friend's house, where I live for now, and because my computer is still at home and I'm borrowing the one here for a few minutes a day. I can barely think about all the good fics and stuff which I'm going to miss due to my sporadic presence...:( I'm already going through fic withdrawal.

As I write most of my stories on paper before typing them onto the computer anyway, I can continue writing fanfiction. Posting them will be a bit more difficult though. Perhaps focusing on writing is possible now, because I won't be distracted by reading fics all the time... :P

Hopefully I can get my own computer transported to Frankfurt next week, when I'm going home for my sister's birthday party. (Her birthday is today, so: Happy Birthday, sis! You probably won't read this, but I wish you all the best, health and unending happiness.)

Wish me luck for the new job!
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